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Plasma Cleaner Operation

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  1. Open the main valve on the O2/Ar supply.
  2. Sign logbook and enter the tank supply pressure.
  3. Turn on the main power (on lower right back of the unit). (Check that the supply pressure is ~7-10PSI.) The system will automatically vent (the green ''Vent'' indicator will light after 3 minutes).

    After the chamber is vented, unload the specimen holder from the chamber:

    a. Unscrew large black plastic retaining ring that holds the sample holder in place.
    b. Remove sample by pulling straight out on the sample holder. TAKE CARE NOT TO SCRATCH THE HOLDER SEALING SURFACE.
    c. Mount sample into the sample holder.
    d. Inspect the o-ring and the port sealing surfaces. Make certain both are clean and undamaged.
    e. Replace sample holder.
    f. Screw the retaining ring in place gently. BE SURE NOT TO CROSS-THREAD THE RING.

  4. Push ''Vacuum On/Off'' key to start pumpdown. ''Hi Vac'' light should light up within 3 minutes. (If it does not, there is a vacuum leak. Push the ''Vacuum On/Off'' key to vent the system and return to step 3.)
  5. Wait until the turbo pump is up to speed before continuing.
  6. Select between the Auto or Manual timing modes with the ''Timer Auto/Man'' key.

    IF MAN:

    a. Hit ''Plasma On/Off'' key to turn on the plasma.
    b. Hit ''Plasma On/Off'' key again to turn off the plasma.

    IF AUTO:

    a. Set a processing time in using the pushbuttons on the counter to the left side of the panel.
    b. Push the ''Set'' button to set the processing time.
    c. Push the ''Plasma On/Off'' to start. The plasma will turn off automatically.

  7. Push ''Vacuum On/Off'' key to vent the chamber. Wait until the green ''Vent'' lights.
  8. Remove the sample holder as in #3 and remove the sample.
  9. Replace the sample holder, screw the sealing ring in place, and pump down the system. Wait for the green ''Hi Vac'' light to turn on.
  10. Turn off the plasma cleaner power using the switch at the lower right rear of the instrument.
  11. Turn off the main Ar/O2 gas supply at the cylinder.