Electron Microscope and X-Ray Diffraction Facilities

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The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science maintains a wide scope of analytical characterization instruments and expertise to support research. Our facilities are available to researchers from across campus and from outside the MSU community. For access to the facilities and/or additional information, please contact Prof. Martin Crimp at crimp@egr.msu.edu or (517) 355-0294.


Electron Microscopes

CamScan 44FE field emission gun scanning electron microscope

X-ray Diffractometers and Cameras

Sintag XDS2000 T-2T diffractometer

Sintag XDS2000 4-angle pole figure diffractometer

Seifert Debye-Scheer and Laue source Debyeflex 1001

Sample Preparation


User training for our various analytical instrument takes place through a number of MSU courses offered through the department. These include:

MSE 481 Spectroscopic and Diffraction Analysis of Materials

MSE 870 Electron Microscopy in Materials Science

MSE 881 Advanced Spectroscopy and Diffraction Analysis of Materials

In addition to formalized course training, individual training can be arrange with our technical staff. This is particularly useful for researcher needing assistance with either scanning electron microscopy or sample preparation.

User Rates