Graduate Students

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Name Program Degree E-mail
Acquah, Enoch Kofi CHE MS acquahen at
Basu, Sankhadeep CHE PHD basusank at
Becker, Hailey MSE PHD beckerh3 at
Bruggeman, Chase CHE PHD bruggem7 at
Calderon Cueva, Mario MSE PHD calder60 at
Chanakian, Sevan MSE PHD chanakia at
Chen, Kevin CHE PHD chenkev6 at
Crum, Shaylynn CHE PHD crumshay at
Curley, Sabrina MSE PHD curleysa at
Dunne, Kevin MSE MS dunnekev at
Eaves, Joelle CHE PHD jeaves at
Herrera, Christopher MSE PHD herre108 at
Howard, Brandon CHE PHD howar359 at
Hu, Genzhi MSE PHD hugenzhi at
Johnson, Tyler MSE PHD john4369 at
Kasad, Meheryar CHE PHD kasadmeh at
Kumari, Geeta MSE PHD kumarige at
Kumbhar, Gouree Vijaykumar CHE PHD kumbharg at
Li, Zhuohao CHE MS lizhuoha at
Lin, Yu-Hsiu MSE PHD linyuhs7 at
Liu, Jingjing MSE PHD liujingj at
Lodaya, Badal CHE PHD lodayaba at
Lu, Jiawei MSE PHD lujiawe3 at
Malik, Affan CHE PHD malikaff at
Mardikoraem, Mehrsa CHE PHD mardikor at
Marsh, Adam MSE PHD marshad1 at
Mtemeri, Lincoln MSE PHD mtemeril at
Needs, Angeline CHE PHD needsang at
Neppel, Elanna CHE PHD neppelel at
Pai Kulyadi, Eureka MSE PHD paikuly1 at
Patil, Aditya CHE PHD patiladi at
Patil, Shalin CHE PHD patilsh5 at
Pattillo, Annabelle CHE MS pattill3 at
Phukan, Harsha MSE PHD phukanha at
Pitawala, Priyangika CHE PHD pitawala at
Rahman, Tanzilur MSE PHD rahman37 at
Rahman, Towhid ME PHD rahman24 at
Rhoades, Camden CHE MS rhoade30 at
Saha, Sujoy MSE PHD sahasujo at
Schmidt, Samuel MSE PHD schmi819 at
Sen, Aungkan MSE PHD senaungk at
Shawon, A K M Ashiquzzaman MSE PHD shawona at
Shree, Swayam MSE PHD shreeswa at
Splichal, Chauncey CHE PHD splichal at
Stitt, Erik MSE PHD stitteri at
Sun, Ruikun (Quinn) CHE PHD quinnsun at
Thune, Zackery Lorenz MSE PHD thunezac at
Wang, Ziwei CHE PHD wangziw9 at
Xie, Yan MSE PHD xieyan at
Xu, Ming MSE MS xuming4 at