Featured Research Publications

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All departmental faculty actively publish work related to their projects. The following publications have been provided by faculty to feature on the web site. The publications are listed without any specified order. For more publications, please visit the faculty web pages.

Nanoparticle Clustering and Viscoelastic Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites with Non-Attractive Polymer-Nanoparticle Interactions
Shiwang Cheng, et al.

Parameterization of a RTPT Association Activity Coefficient Model using Spectroscopic Data
Carl T. Lira, et al.

Pressure-tailored lithium deposition and dissolution in lithium metal batteries
Chengcheng Fang, et al.

In-situ analysis of the tensile and tensile-creep deformation mechanisms in rolled AZ31
Carl Boehlert, et al.

A simple mean-field model of glassy dynamics and glass transition
Valeriy Ginzburg, et al.

Kinetics and temperature evolution during the bulk polymerization of methyl methacrylate for vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding
John Dorgan, et al.

Low temperature activation of inert hexagonal boron nitride for metal deposition and single atom catalysis
Jose Mendoza, et al.

Pt Current Collectors Artificially Boosting Praseodymium Doped Ceria Oxygen Surface Exchange Coefficients
Jason Nicholas, et al.

Hybrid Cellulose-Inorganic Reinforcement Polypropylene Composites: Lightweight Materials for Automotive Applications
Lawrence T. Drzal, et al.

Endocytosis controls siRNA efficiency: implications for siRNA delivery vehicle design and cell specific targeting
S. Patrick Walton, et al.

Quasi-1D electronic transport and isotropic phonon transport in the Zintl Ca5In2Sb6
Alexandra Zevalkink, et al.

Hybrid Free-Radical/Cationic Phase-Separated UV-Curable System: Impact of Photoinitiator Content and Monomer Fraction on Surface Morphologies and Gloss Appearance
Caroline Szczepanski, et al.

Markov State Study of Electrostatic Channeling within the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle Supercomplex
Scott Calabrese Barton, et al.

Pyrene hydrogel for promoting direct bioelectrochemistry: ATP-independent electroenzymatic reduction of N2
David P. Hickey, et al.

Tantalum oxide nanoparticles as versatile contrast agents for X-ray computed tomography
Erik M. Shapiro, et al.

Intrinsic Structural Features of the Human IRE1a Transmembrane Domain Sense Membrane Lipid Saturation
Christina Chan, et al.

Blown films with balanced in-plane properties from polypropylene-clay nanocomposites through silane coupling
Krishnamurthy Jayaraman, et al.