Endowments, Named Fellowships and Named Scholarships

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Bernard A. and Joan L. Paulson Endowed Scholarship

Bernard A. (B.S. ChE, 1949) and Joan L. Paulson have endowed this scholarship to encourage scholastic achievement.

Carl M. Cooper Memorial Endowed Scholarship (A3026)

Carl M. Cooper was an MSU Professor of Chemical Engineering for 32 years (1949-1981) and Professor Emeritus from 1981 until his death in 1993. Donations are welcomed for this fund to honor Professor Cooper. This fund became an endowment in 2005.

Chemical Engineering Faculty Distinguished Scholarship Fund (A30204)

This endowment was started in 1998 by Chemical Engineering faculty contributors. The purpose of the fund is to "benefit worthy and capable students enrolled within the Department of Chemical Engineering in the College of Engineering at Michigan State University." This fund is being built to the endowment level.

Johansen Crosby Endowment

The Johansen Crosby Endowment supports development of educational initiatives, such as the Johansen Crosby Lectureship and the Johansen Crosby Professorship. The Johansen Crosby endowment honors the parents of Professor Edwin Johansen Crosby. Professor Crosby received a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from Michigan State University in 1950 and continued his studies at the University of Wisconsin, completing the Ph.D. in 1955. (More information on Ed Crosby and this endowment).

John Washington Donnell Memorial Endowment

This memorial was established by Mary Louise Gephart Donnell to honor John Washington Donnell, with the principal purpose of supporting graduate students in chemical engineering.

James E. Raymond Endowed Scholarship

James E. Raymond (B.S. ChE 1971) was a very dedicated student and proud alumni of MSU. He continually strove for the best, operating with the highest of ethics, in his more than 25 years as a chemical engineer at the Dow Chemical Company. Jim was a student and teacher at heart and always had goals to further his knowledge throughout his life. He truly led by example and has passed on that legacy to those that loved him.

Maurice G. and Sara V. Larian Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Maurice G. Larian, Professor of Chemical Engineering at MSU from the 1930s until 1971. It is for the benefit of outstanding chemical engineering students at MSU. The endowment is the result of the empathy between Dr. Larian and his students, and he would be pleased could he know that his concern for students has been extended and perpetuated. The endowment has grown over the years, through gifts from Mrs. Larian, friends, and some successful chemical engineering graduates, particularly Michael Dennos, ChE, '43.

More information on Professor Larian.

M.S.U.--Chemical Engineering Alumni Scholarship Fund

Each year the department awards scholarships made possible by alumni gifts designated for scholarships.

Lifeline Club Endowed Scholarship

This award is intended to encourage chemical engineering students who have demonstrated the capacity to achieve educational and professional goals, the motivation to achieve these goals and the initiative to seek opportunities to further their progress.

An important element of this scholarship is the recipients "best effort" (non-binding) pledge to replenish the awarded funds over his or her lifetime and perhaps become a future mentor. The name, "Lifeline Club," is used to describe the concept and spirit of giving back for the benefit of the whole.

W.G. Shedd Materials Science Endowed Discretionary Fund

After a career of forty-five years in businesses intrinsic to materials engineering, Wilfred G. Shedd (B.S. ME, 1950) established this materials science endowment with the conviction that future advancements in manufacturing will be largely made through the development and intelligent selection of materials from which things are made.

William J. & Julia L. Hargreaves Fellowship in Composite Materials

This fellowship endowed by William J. (B.S. ChE, 1946) and Julia L. Hargreaves encourages chemical engineering graduate students studying composite materials and polymers. Recipients have demonstrated the capacity to achieve educational and professional goals, the motivation to achieve these goals, and the initiative to seek opportunities to further their progress.

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