Materials Science & Engineering Undergraduate Program

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Materials Science and Engineering Profession

Materials Science & Engineering is the study of mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of engineering materials, such as metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites. The objective of a Materials Engineer is to predict and control material properties through an understanding of atomic, molecular, crystalline, and microscopic structures of engineering materials. A Materials Engineer is an essential member of an engineering team responsible for synthesis and processing of advanced materials for manufacturing. A graduate's work may be in areas as diverse as automobile, aerospace, biomedical, or microelectronics manufacturing. Opportunities are available through these industries in the area of material design, materials research, quality control, failure analysis, product development, synthesis, and processing operations.

What does a Materials Science & Engineering Major do?

Career Scenarios and Salary Information for MSE. (pdf file - click here).

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Rationale Underlying the Curriculum (or, why is this course important?)

Motivational overview of the MSE curriculum - (pdf - click here).

Concentrations in Materials Science & Engineering

Since the Materials Science and Engineering degree bridges the areas of metals, ceramics and polymers, students may specialize in an area that will enhance their ability to enter particular engineering enterprises, and/or communicate and design with different types of engineers on a multi-disciplinary team by completing of the following concentrations that will appear on their transcript:

  • Biomedical Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Metallurgy
  • Polymers

For students who do not choose one of the above concentrations, the flexibility of the MSE degree program allows students to take classes from many other departments so that they can deepen their knowledge in complimentary areas, such as business, electronic materials, statistics, etc.

For more informaton on the coursework required for the various options, please view the MSE Undergraduate Curriculum Requirements (via college of engineering). Program description (via MSU Registrar).


Dr. Carl Boehlert, MSE Undergradute Program Coordinator