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AICHE National Design Contest

MSU Chemical Engineering has the best record in the nation for placing in this national contest since 1967!

Each year, chemical engineers from a designated company devise and judge a student contest problem that typifies a real, working, chemical engineering design situation. The problem's solution requires a wide range of skills in calculation and evaluation of both technical data and economic factors. Michigan State has the best placement record of any department in the country and we are pleased to continue the trend!

For example, a recent problem involves designing a semi-batch reaction process for manufacturing polyethers. Polyethers are an important family of products that are used in many consumer products such as detergents, foams, and food additives. The design project involves determining the best design (both economic and safe) for the facility. The design features that use inherently safe concepts that circumvent accidents even when instruments fail or operators make mistakes are emphasized.

AICHE Student Contest Winning Schools

Individual Awards

1967 Georgia Institute of Technology Utah Lamar  
1968 Pennsylvania State Ohio State MSU – Carl L. English  
1969 MSU – Jerome Trumbley MSU – Jon Branson University of Massachusetts  
1970 Drexel Colorado Oklahoma State MSU – Honorable Mention Steven R. Auvil
1971 MSU – Allen G. Croft Auburn Wyoming  
1972 Toledo Georgia Institute of Technology MSU – Tim O. Bender  
1973 Michigan Lamar MSU – Mike Murry  
1974 MSU – Larry J. Clink Colorado Lamar  
1975 Auburn Auburn Lamar MSU – Honorable Mention – Barbara R. (Kreger) Engerer
1976 Oklahoma State Michigan Tech MSU – Alan D. Schmidt  
1977 Michigan Tech Wyoming Oklahoma State  
1978 Wisconsin Missouri-Rolla Lamar  
1979 MSU – Thomas W. Calhoun Colorado Michigan Tech  
1980 MSU – Susan J. Barrett California St. Polytech-Pomona MSU – Thomas Bartos  
1981 University of Kansas Georgia Institute of Technology California St. Polytech-Pomona MSU – Honorable Mention – Timothy S. VanLente
1982 MSU – Ray Murphy University of Kansas University of Cincinnati  
1983 Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Institute of Technology MSU – Dennis P. Stocker  
1984 University of New Mexico University of Kansas Virginia Polytechnic Institute  
1985 University of Kansas California St. Polytech-Pomona University of Kansas  
1986 University of Kansas Utah Virginia Polytechnic Institute 
1987 Michigan Tech Virginia Polytechnic InstituteUniversity of Cincinnati MSU – Honorable Mention – Scott E. Booth
1988 New Mexico State Oklahoma State University of Iowa  
1989 MSU – Daniel W. Manson Lamar University of Kansas  
1990 University of Utah Georgia Institute of Technology University of S. Alabama  
1991 Virginia Polytechnic Institute Northeastern University MSU – John M. Gilleo  
1992 Michigan Tech Virginia Polytechnic University Georgia Institute of Technology MSU – Honorable Mention – Michelle Hohlfeld
1993 MSU – Martin Heller University of Kansas Kansas State  
1994 Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Institute of Technology Michigan Tech MSU – Honorable Mention – Jennifer Jewett Antwerp
1995 MSU – Jeff VanderLaan University of Kansas University of New Mexico  
1996 University of Utah MSU – Rick Sprague MSU – John Pauli  
1997 Columbia University University of Utah MSU – Brian Nowak  
1998 Oklahoma State University University of Kansas Northeastern University  
1999 MSU – Casey Preston New Mexico State University of Maryland-College Park  
2000 University of Kansas MSU – Brian Wall    
2001 New Mexico State MSU – Jessica Okonowski   
2002 Michigan Tech --  
2003 University of Kansas --  
2004 University of Kansas University of Kansas   
  2005 MSU - Benjamin Koenigsknecht --   
2006Tri-State University   
2007Tri-State UniversityTri-State UniversityUniversity of Tulsa 
2008------New Mexico State University
2009Trine UniversityMichigan Technological UniversityMichigan Technological University 
2010MSU - Philip Lehman University of Kansas-- 
2011MSU - Nathan W. Hanna  MSU - Nathaniel Cy McIntee-Chmielewski
2012MSU - Chistopher Beuerle  Trine University
2013MSU - Logan Matthews
2014Kansas State University  MSU - Eric Vasko
2015---Trine UniversityMSU - Cale Hyser 

Team Awards

Year Team
1995 Oklahoma State University
1996 University of Utah
1997 Columbia University
1998 Oklahoma State University
1999 University of Toledo MSU – Honorable Mention – -Team-Joseph Avore III & Joseph Campbell
2000 Michigan State University-D. Borowski & T. Maliszewski
2001Washington University
2002Washington University
2003Northeastern University
2004Oklahoma State University
2005Oklahoma State University
2006MSU - Stephen Shaw, Matthew Yedwabnick
2007Northeastern University
2008Mississippi State, Oklahoma State
2009University of Mississippi Honorable Mention: Northeastern University, University of Utah
2010MSU - Christopher Gelinas, David Hasselbeck
Honorable Mention: Northeastern, Northeastern, Oklahoma State
2011Mississippi State
Honorable Mention: University of Mississippi and Mississippi State
2012University of Kansas
Honorable Mention: University of New Hampshire
2013Trine University, Washington University (St. Louis)
2014Cleveland State Honorable Mention: Trine University and Univeristy of Washington
2015University of Missouri Honorable Mention: Kansas State University