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The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs in chemical engineering and in materials science and engineering. A wide range of course offerings and research activities allows an individual program to be designed to fit the background, capabilities, and aims of the student. Studies in the department may be supplemented with courses offered by other departments in the College of Engineering and in other colleges.

Special emphasis is placed on the mastery of basic principles and methods. Courses and research opportunities are available in the areas of nanotechnology, biomaterials, ceramic materials, composite materials, electron microscopy, impact damage, intermetallic alloys, laser processing of ceramics, polymers and their composites, shape memory alloys, surface, surface modification of metals and polymers, structural thin film, and superplasticity of metals, electronic and photonic materials.

The graduate programs in chemical engineering and materials science and engineering are designed to develop research expertise needed for the graduate to serve as a principal investigator in industrial or academic research. The coursework is designed to expand the student’s knowledge of engineering principles and applications. Each student also conducts an extensive research project that significantly advances fundamental understanding of a chemical engineering or materials science system. Results of the research are documented in a dissertation and research paper(s) for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

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