Graduation Checklist

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Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Assistants

The following checklist must be completed when someone terminates (by resignation, involuntary termination, retirement, reaching appointment end-date, or graduating) his/her MSU employment or otherwise separates from a department (by transfer, layoff, extended leave of absence). All items may not apply to a given individual. For example, in cases where a person terminates one type of appointment but begins another, some checklist items will not apply.

Departments are to give a copy of the employee section of the checklist to faculty, staff and graduate assistants who will be terminating or separating from the department; discuss any items requiring resolution; and retain/distribute the completed checklist. Contacts are listed for topics that may require special assistance.



___ 1. Remove personal items from work areas.
___ 2. Provide forwarding address to your department.
___ 3. HR Benefits will send you a letter about termination/continuation of applicable benefit programs. Call 353-4434 if you have questions about the letter.
___ 4. The applicable Human Resources Office will send you an exit questionnaire if you are terminating from the University. If you prefer to schedule an exit interview, call Human Resources at 353-3720, or Academic Human Resources at 353-5300.

Return all University property, including:

___ 1. Keys (building, office, desk, files, vehicles, lockers, etc.)
___ 2. ID card(s) Note: A new ID card will be issued to official retirees.
___ 3. SecurID card for mainframe systems access.
___ 4. Parking decal/gate card (forward to DPPS so parking deduction is stopped).

a. Official retirees who will need continued parking privileges should contact DPPS for a retiree parking decal.

___ 5. Computers/laptops/palm pilots or other peripheral equipment (e.g., printers, cameras)
___ 6. Cellular phones/pagers
___ 7. Records (documents, files, correspondence, etc.)
___ 8. Research/data notebooks (you may retain a copy)
___ 9. Patient/client files
___ 10. Credit/procurement/travel/calling cards, and related receipts
___ 11. Petty cash fund
___ 12. Library books, CD texts, periodicals
___ 13. Access cards (e.g., to the University Research Containment Facility, Bio-Physical Sciences, Veterinary Teaching Hospital)
___ 14. Radiation Detection Badges
___ 15. Uniforms/gear/tools/instruments/job accessories


Settle outstanding accounts, including:

___ 1. Charges owed to your department
___ 2. Charges owed to other departments (e.g., Library, Parking, Student Accounts)
___ 3. Reimbursements owed to you (e.g., travel expenses)

If you will be continuing on the payroll in a different capacity (e.g., on-call), request discontinuation of payroll deductions by contacting the appropriate office(s):

___ 1. Union Dues
___ 2. Development Fund
___ 3. Benefit Spending Accounts (Dependent Care, Health Care)
___ 4. MSU Community Charitable/United Way Campaign

Electronic Records

___ 1. Retrieve or delete any personal files/information on your office/home PC, office/department server, lab server, central file space (AFS), etc.
___ 2. Retrieve any University email files, or files on other University email servers and systems, that you wish to retain.

a. Files are purged when your email account is closed.
b. You must have the permission of the appropriate unit administrator to copy any University files or records.
c. MSU retirees are eligible to continue their MSU email accounts indefinitely; students may continue using their accounts for two years after graduation.

___ 3. If you will have a new email address, make arrangements for your email to be forwarded.
___ 4. Return (transfer, copy, etc.) to the appropriate unit and/or University administrator(s) any unit or University data files, electronic documents and records, etc., that are stored on your personal work PC or in your personal server file spaces.
___ 5. If you possess sole access rights to an administrative database, software application, information system, etc., that is necessary for program or unit administration or operations, transfer the passwords to the appropriate unit administrator, or arrange for a unit administrator to be given the access needed to assure continued operations.
___ 6. Delete or return any University owned/licensed software that is contained on a homecomputer. For assistance, contact the technology staff in your college and/or unit. For MSU/email matters, call the Computer Laboratory (432-6200).


___ 1. If you were responsible for any laboratory or hazardous chemicals, gas cylinders, biological materials (e.g., animal tissue, diagnostic specimens, microorganisms, cultures), biohazardous materials (e.g., infectious substances and CDC Select Agents), controlled substances, radiological materials and/or hazardous wastes, provide evidence of consultation with Office of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Safety (ORCBS) to your supervisor regarding the disposition of these materials.

Sample vials and specimens must be properly labeled if left in the laboratory.

___ 2. If you were responsible for patients or other clients, make arrangements with your supervisor for others to assume their care/service.
___ 3. Foreign National employees should contact the Office of International Students and Scholars to determine if there are other requirements related to their status.

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