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The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Graduate Degree Programs

  • Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
  • Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering

ChE & MSE - Masters and Doctoral Degree Requirements

Degree requirements and procedures are fully documented in the CHEMS Graduate Studies Handbook.

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Students who have completed a BS degree in chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics, physics, other biological or physical science, or another engineering discipline are eligible for admission into the graduate program in chemical engineering at Michigan State University. Students who are notified, upon review of their application by the Graduate Committee, that their academic record warrants admission will be expected to complete CHE 804 and CHE 805, with a minimum grade of 3.5 in each course, prior to the fall semester for which they have been admitted. These two classes are accelerated courses specifically designed to prepare non-chemical engineering students for graduate study in Chemical Engineering.  The courses provide an intensive overview of chemical engineering principles and are a time-saving alternative to taking undergraduate courses to fulfill collateral requirements. CHE 804 is taught in the spring semester and CHE 805 is taught in the summer semester on the internet. Click here for more specific details about CHE 804 & CHE 805.

Since the courses fulfill a collateral as well as a pre-enrollment requirement, no departmental funding is available, and students must pay their own tuition. Please note that, in general, students who do not have BS degrees in chemical engineering must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in their current major to be considered for admission into the MS or Ph.D. program.

Students may be required to take additional collateral courses to augment their academic background. For example, students entering the chemical engineering graduate program with a B.S. in a field other than chemical engineering must take the following collateral courses:

Students must earn a grade of 3.5 or greater in ChE 804 and ChE 805, and a grade of 3.0 or greater in other collateral courses. In some cases, students may be granted provisional status in the graduate program until collateral coursework has been satisfactorily completed.