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E-mails from students

Spring/Summer 2016 (received spring 2018)

Foundations of Chemical Engineering program advanced my career in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Completing a B.S. in Biotechnology and immediately working for a large pharmaceutical company, I consistently felt that I was behind my peers with a chemical engineering background. Michigan State's program closed this gap, introducing concepts that were applicable in my day-to-day operations. Although challenging and comprehensive, I was able to complete the program while concurrently working full-time. Both Professor Lira and Worden were easily accessible, and answered my questions promptly.

Moving forward in my career, I will be attending Northeastern University's chemical engineering PhD program. Completion of the Foundations of CE program played an integral role in my PhD application. I strongly recommend this program for anyone interested in chemical engineering!

- Zach Rogers

Spring Summer 2012 (received Spring 2016)

Working as a chemical operator with a B.S. in Biology, I had little hope of advancement in an industry where those advancements were dominated by engineers.  After some research, I enrolled and completed MSUs Bridging Program in the Spring/Summer of 2012.  I spent the Fall semester of 2012 completing additional mathematics courses, since my undergraduate coursework did not require the same rigor of mathematics that admittance to a MSCHE program required.  During that same period, I applied for multiple distance MSCHE programs that would allow me to continue working while obtaining a masters degree in engineering.  I then spent 3 years completing my MSCHE at North Carolina State University part time, graduating December 2015.

A few quick thoughts and appreciation: My entry into a program as respected and highly ranked as NCSUs MSCHE program would not have been possible without the effort that Drl Lira and Dr. Worden have put into the rigor of MSUs unique bridging program. My advancements into process engineering and senior technical staff are a direct result of your program and the effort provided outside of the material for the course (i.e. various email correspondence, online collaboration, etc.) by Dr. Lira and Dr. Worden. Finally, as stated by other testimonials, distance studies have their unique challenges.  However, I never received the amount of help in my MSCHE that I did while enrolled in the MSU program.

I routinely utilize my textbooks from the bridging program, and I'm thoroughly thrilled with both my education and career progress over these past few years.  I'm excited about the opportunities, and look forward to where I'll go next!  I've had multiple individuals reach out to me due to my unconventional background for chemical engineering, and I always tout your program with the highest praise.

Jeremiah Patton

Spring/Summer 2005 student (received Spring 2009)

"You may not remember me, but I took your bridging courses in the spring and summer of 2005.  I just finished my masters degree, along with another student I met in your courses.  I just wanted to say thank you for the time and effort you put into the bridging program.  I felt very well prepared for the challenges of learning a new subject at the graduate level.  The course presentation and content in your courses was top notch.  After finishing all my masters classes I realize how out-of-the-ordinary the one-on-one contact and class chats were.  I think I had more professorial access time in one chat session at MSU than in all the rest of my graduate education.  Thank you both so much and good luck in your future endeavors."

Luke Johnson, Environmental Engineer, Roche Colorado

Spring 2003 students

"I really enjoyed taking the class. I am sure it takes a lot of time on your part. I was surprised to find that I had as much or more interaction with you than my college professors when I was in school full time. I appreciate you and MSU making this course available over the internet. LSU does not offer a course such as this one, or even standard undergraduate courses at night. Until I found out about this course, I could not formally study Chemical Engineering."

Gilbert Kelly, BS (1990 Chemistry)

Fall 2001 students

"I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the course. I think I have gotten what I wanted from it. I spent a lot of time reading and actually trying to 'get' the lessons which I think I did for the most part. I am really very pleased about that. I have really learned a whole lot."

Robertha Howell BSc (1993, Chemistry), Ph.D. (1997, Chemistry)

Fall 2000 students

I think it is wonderful-recording the live chats was a tremendous help for me. Being in a different time zone made it hard for me to participate in the live chats and it was great to see the conversation after it took place! Several of my questions were answered this way. I found it helpful to know what my peers were thinking and doing in relation to the course material.

Response to anonymous survey.

1999 students

As a B.S. Chemistry/BioChemistry undergraduate student, I was very grateful to find the "bridging" courses ChE804 and ChE805 to help me make the adjustment in a graduate Chemical Engineering program (Univ Tenn, Knoxville). Although the material was covered in a brief amount of time (Summer Semester), I applied myself that summer and did very well in my first Advanced ChE Thermo Course (got an 'A') in Graduate School. I am now halfway finished with my M.S. ChE degree and have a great appreciation for the 'bridging courses'. I am sure others will find a need for the courses just as I did. Thanks!!

Seth C. Galloway, Aug 9, 2000
B.S. Biochemistry/Chemistry 1991

I had taken the courses to see how chemical engineering suits me as a profession and in retrospect, I think I got fair idea of the profession. I think the course material was comprehensive. Sometimes I thought that the coverage on some topics was not enough but keeping in mind length of course, I think planners had done good job. The homework was challenging. Taking these courses was a lot better than taking all those undergrad courses. It especially gives the student a feel for relevant topics much more efficiently than self-study. I am currently pursuing Dual Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering/Chemistry at MSU.

Parminder Agarwal, Aug 9, 2000
B.S. Chemistry, M.S. Chemistry, M.S. Polymer Engineering

1986 Student

After my junior year as a chemistry major at Central Michigan University (CMU), I decided to become a chemical engineer. Fortunately, I met the MSU Dean of Engineering and he suggested completing my B.S. in chemistry at CMU and then entering the MSU bridging program after graduation. The bridging courses allowed me to cut one year off achieving my M.S. in Chemical Engineering. Those of us taking the bridging course in the summer of 1986 found it challenging and rewarding. However, since we took this course B.A.C. (before air conditioning), we will always remember the true meaning of sweating through an exam!

Craig Hoekstra , Aug 9, 2000
Class of 1988 M.S. ChE (MSU)
Project Manager Pharmacia Corp.

Letters from Students

1986 Student

Letter from Andrew Grethlein, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Biopharmaceuticals
Athena Neurosciences

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