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Welcome to the test page for ChE804 and ChE805. Lesson templates are provided in Acrobat Reader .pdf format. We deliver lessons in Adobe Presenter using html5 (built-in to browser) or mp4 movies. Most computers have these utilities installed. All utilities are free.

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Example lesson - Graphical Integration

In this short example lesson, we discuss the methods for graphical integration. This topic should be review, but even if you are competent with this skill, the lesson is short, and will give you the opportunity to test your connection.

Handout. The first step in viewing a lesson is to be sure that you have printed the handout. Handouts are provided in PDF format. Use this link to download the handout and then print it before you watch the lecture. Download the handout (.pdf).

Configuration: You will want to configure your browser to enable autoplay of sound for this site. Instructions are provided here for Chrome and Firefox. Other browsers will be similar.

Chrome: thumbnail to configure chrome for autoplay sound Firefox: thumbnail to configure firefox for autoplay sound

Lesson. Now you are ready to view the lesson. The lesson will start with the information provided on the handout and additional notes will pop up during the lesson, much the way it would happen in a live lecture. If you find the lecture is moving too fast for you to write down all the information that pops up, just click the pause button to catch up, and then click the play button to resume.

View lesson. (html5, run time = 7 min). (Note that you may need to click to start as many browsers now block autoplay).

Supplemental Information. Just in case you wish to look at the actual spreadsheet, it is provided. This spreadsheet doesn't do any calculations, it was used to simply plot the values and areas were plotted manually. Download spreadsheet (.xslx). (IE users: Right click the link to save the target file if you don't want it to open in your browser).

Additional Web Tools

In addition to the lessons, you will interact with the instructor and other students using a discussion board system. This system uses threads to follow conversations. Each time a message is posted, you will receive a copy. In addition, if you visit the website, you can follow the entire discussion at any time that is convenient for review.

Also available will be a live Chat room, online postings of homework solutions, and current grades so you know where you are in the course.

More information on the course philosophy, methods to enroll in the course, and the costs.
Course Outline for ChE804
Course Outline for ChE805

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