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Foundations in Chemical Engineering Overview

The course names are:

ChE 804 Foundations in Chemical Engineering I
ChE 805 Foundations in Chemical Engineering II

ChE 804 is not a prerequisite for ChE 805. Sufficient background is provided in ChE 805 that the courses can be taken independently or in the reverse order.

If you have questions about the enrollment process that aren't answered below, contact the instructors, Prof. Lira for ChE804 and Prof. Worden for ChE805.

If you are interested in credit or audit see the next section on enrollment. Students interested in bridging into a graduate program should enroll for credit.


These steps are described in more detail below:

___ verify that the course offered the desired semester. To make sure the courses are offered the semester that you would like to enroll, see the MSU course catalog at click here. For the academic calendar, see https://reg.msu.edu/ROInfo/Calendar/academic.aspx

___ decide if you should to enroll as a lifelong ed or a degree student, then enroll in the course (instructions below). Most students enroll as lifelong ed students, and you do not need to be a Michigan Resident or in the US for Lifelong Ed status. The Lifelong Ed Program charges only tuition and no fees so this is the most economical way to enroll in the course.

___ decide if you wish to enroll as C/NC or audit (see important notes below), and request the change if desired.

___ order textbooks. The textbooks are listed on the respective course overview pages.

If you are off-campus, you will probably want to order your books by phone or Internet. Be sure to order your books from a reliable source. Some students try to get the lowest price and have been disappointed by poor service if they have selected less reliable vendors. Order your books from a vendor who has them in stock and order them in time to have them on the first day of class.

___ setup computer, and be sure to setup your mail.msu.edu e-mail account.

You will need to make sure you have your computer and browser set up properly for the course, and that all required software is installed and functioning properly. One of the setup steps will be to establish your MSU NetID which will be used to log into the course web site. Course setup is accomplished using the links following this paragraph. Your PID and PAN will be required for some of the steps, but there are some steps that can be done before you receive the numbers. All of these steps are explained at the following links:

___ provide contact and background information using the student database information form for ChE804 or form for ChE805. The database provides us easy access to contact information for you.

___ identify proctor, and have them complete the Proctor Agreement Form (.pdf). (This person will administer your quizzes and final exam. The proctor agreement form has a short summary of who is accetable as a proctor.)

The course will have scheduled biweekly quizzes. If you are near MSU, you can take them in the ChE office; when you get ready to take them, schedule them with the instructor or with Jessica Gallegos, mireles7@msu.edu, 355-5135. If you are off-campus, then you will need to arrange for a proctor. The proctor may be a office supervisor, a local librarian, or someone at a local testing center. The proctor may not be related to you or someone who works for you. You will need to have your proctor identified by the middle of the first week of class. 

___ put the first date of class on your calendar. Be sure to visit the course website on the first day of class and check the Discussion Forum for announcements.

___ set up a scanning app on your phone if you don't have access to a desktop scanner. See the syllabus (homework submission section) for suggestions.

There is not a fixed lecture time. You view the lessons at your convenience according to the course calendar that is provided online. Simply log in to the class web site on the first day of class to get started at https://d2l.msu.edu/. (The class web site may not work until the first day of class. Use your MSU NetID and password for access.) The first day that you attend the class, you will want to check the message boards for any announcements or messages that might have been posted.


Special note about non-credit or audit status - If you wish to take the course for C/NC or audit(visitor) options, you must enroll in the course in the standard manner, then change to the desired status through the registrar's office, 517-355-3300 , before the 5th day of class for a standard semester, or the first 1/14th of class for the summer half semester. For the C/NC option or audit(visitor) option, it is NOT possible to switch back to the graded course option. For the C/NC option, see https://reg.msu.edu/AcademicPrograms/Text.aspx?Section=112#s523. Credits are awarded, but no grade is assigned on the transcript. For the audit(visitor) status, a V is recorded on the transcript, but no credit or grade are recorded, see https://reg.msu.edu/AcademicPrograms/Text.aspx?Section=112#s527. However, a Certificate of Completion is awarded by the Chemical Engineering Department for students of all status (credit, noncredit, or audit) performing at the 3.0/4.0 level or above.This is not the same as a Graduate Certificate.


Students who are already admitted to a degree program or taken previous lifelong Ed courses will already have a PID and PAN.You may enroll online at http://www.reg.msu.edu/ROInfo/Enrollment.aspx.


Lifelong Ed status is used by almost all distance students. If you are an off-campus student not admitted to an MSU degree program or previously enrolled in a Lifelong Ed course, you probably don't have the personal id (PID) and personal access number (PAN) you will need to register for the course. To get these, go to the Registrar’s website http://www.reg.msu.edu/ROInfo/EnrReg/LifelongEducation.aspx and enroll as a Lifelong Ed student. In the Lifelong Education Application and Request Info box (https://app.admissions.msu.edu/Apply.asp), indicate that you are apllying as a LifeLong student (not as a Graduate Certificate student), and click the box indicating you will enroll over the web. Then, type the requested information into the electronic forms. The course numbers for the applications are CHE 804, Foundations in Chemical Engineering I, section 730 or CHE 805, Foundations in Chemical Engineering II, section 730.
The Registrar’s office will process your online application and send you an Email containing your PID and PAN, as well as instructions on how to activate your MSU Email account, enroll in the course, and pay tuition online. If you have questions or need further information about the enrollment process, please contact the MSU Office of Admissions.

Please contact us early for clarifications of the process!