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Welcome to the Chemical Engineering & Materials Science (CHEMS) Department at Michigan State University

Interim Chair Christina Chan

We are one department – two complementary programs.

Chemical Engineers (ChE) apply the principles of chemistry, biology, physics, and math to solve problems that involve the production or use of chemicals, fuel, drugs, food, and many other product. Learn more... (CHE Degree Info (CHEMS) | Chemical Engineering (via College of Engineering)).

Materials Scientists (MSE) studies structure and function and chemical properties of materials, predominantly solids, to develop new or enhance existing products. Learn more... (MSE Degree Info (CHEMS) | Materials Science (via College of Engineering)).

Together chemical engineers and materials scientists are working to develop innovative solutions to essential problems in health, energy, the environment and green manufacturing. ChEMS graduates go into industry, academia, and professional schools, while many have become entrepreneurs and founded companies.

Our students are grounded in fundamental science and engineering principles and apply this knowledge in many laboratory-based courses. The research performed by Chemical Engineers and Material Scientists lays the foundation for production of everything from robots, to airplanes, to electric cars. Recent undergraduates have been hired by Pfizer, contributing to COVID vaccine production, and Apple, focusing on advancing their semiconductor manufacturing. Our students are highly sought by companies and have interned at chemical (e.g., Dow), biotech, and pharmaceutical companies, and even less-traditional places like Google. The 2021 median pay of ChEMS BS graduates range from $98,300 to $105,550 per year (https://www.bls.gov/ooh/ooh-site-map.htm). Some of our students work on cutting edge research alongside professors and graduate students in research laboratories. The department consists of 34 faculty members, 3 teaching specialists, 8 staff, 500 undergraduates and 89 graduates. Our faculty’s research is sponsored by NSF, NIH, DOE, DOD, and many companies from around the state and the globe.

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Photo: Interim Chair Christina Chan