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Welcome to the Chemical Engineering & Materials Science department at Michigan State University!

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Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at MSU offers two excellent degree programs, including new opportunities in microelectronics, biomaterials, environmentally friendly materials, and nanotechnology.

The department consists of 30 faculty, 8 staff, 400 undergraduates and 115 graduates. The department faculty members are active in a wide range of research.

Our programs educate students to become innovative engineers on a foundation of mathematics, physics, chemistry, life sciences, and engineering science. Students enjoy access to outstanding laboratories for biochemical engineering, composite materials processing, and characterization of metals, ceramics, and polymers. To learn more about our academic programs, see the Academics section of our website.

Department Research - Follow this link to learn more about our department research activities.

Department Newsletters - Browse our recent newsletters to find more about recent activities and awards and learn about recent accomplishments of our alumni.