S. Patrick Walton

S. Patrick Walton
Associate Professor, Director, College of Engineering CoRe
Research Interests
    biotechnology, biomedical
Research Biography
Biomolecular engineering, thermodynamic and kinetic design of biomolecules, nucleic acid biotechnology, genomics and proteomics, RNA interference, nanobiotechnology, polymeric nanoparticles.
Selected Publications
    • Walton, S.P., Briedis, D., Lindeman, S.D., Malefyt A.P., and Sticklen J. 2012 (in press). Text messaging as a tool for engaging chemical engineering students. Chemical Engineering Education.
    • Malefyt, A.P., Angart, P.A., Chan, C., and Walton, S.P. 2012. "siRNA Therapeutic Design: Tools and Challenges" in Regulatory RNAs: Basics, Methods and Applications.
    • Wang, X., Nath, A., Yang, X., Portis, A.M., Walton, S.P., and Chan, C. 2011. Desmoplakin: Synergy analysis reveals a new player in the pathogenesis and progression of fatty liver disease. PLoS ONE. 6(11): e28138. Electronic
    • Cho, H., Mukherjee, S., Palasuberniam, P., Pillow, L., Bilgin, B., Nezich, C., Walton, S.P., Feig, M., and Chan, C. 2011. Molecular mechanism by which palmitate inhibits PKR autophosphorylation. Biochemistry. 50:1110-1119. Electronic (via Pubmed)
    • Walton, S.P., Wu, M., Gredell, J.A., and Chan, C. 2010. Designing highly active siRNAs for therapeutic applications. FEBS J. 277:4806-4813. Electronic (via Pubmed)
  • Selected Achievements and Awards
  • Who's Who in Engineering Education, 2005, Genentech Biopharmaceutical Poster Award, ICBE 2007, Hot Topic Award, American Academy of Nanomedicine, 2006