Scott Calabrese Barton

Scott Calabrese Barton
Associate Professor
Research Interests
    energy, catalysis, electrochemical
Research Biography
Electrochemical engineering with a focus in catalysis and transport in electrochemical energy systems, from experimental and theoretical perspectives.
Selected Publications
    • H. Li, H. Wen and S. Calabrese Barton, "NADH Oxidation Catalyzed by Electropolymerized Azines on Carbon Nanotube Modified Electrodes," Electroanalysis, 24(2), 398-406 (2012).
    • H. Wen, H.M. Bambhania, S. Calabrese Barton, "Carbon nanotube-modified biocatalytic microelectrodes with multiscale porosity," Journal of Applied Electrochemistry (2012).
    • H. Wen, V. Nallathambi, D. Chakraborty and S. Calabrese Barton, "Carbon Fiber Microelectrodes Modified With Carbon Nanotubes as a New Support for Immobilization of Glucose Oxidase," Microchimica Acta, 175(3-4), 283-289 (2011).
    • V. Nallathambi, N. Leonard, R. Kothandaraman and S. Calabrese Barton, "Nitrogen Precursor Effects in Iron-Nitrogen-Carbon Oxygen Reduction Catalysts," Electrochemical and Solid State Letters, 14(6), B55-B58 (2011).