Ramani Narayan

Ramani Narayan
University Distinguished Professor
Research Interests
    renewable, polymers, biobased
Research Biography
Polymeric materials from renewable resources; biodegradable polymer systems; engineering and design of natural-synthetic polymer graft and block copolymers; polymer blends; studies in reactive extrusion processing, biobased and recyclable composites.
Selected Publications
    • Kale, Gaurav; Auras, Rafael; Singh, Sher Paul; Narayan, Ramani, "Biodegradability of polylactidebottles in real and simulated composting conditions", Polymer Testing, 26(8), 1049-106, (2007)
    • Woo Yeul Jang, Boo Young Shin, Tae Jin Lee, and Ramani Narayan, "Thermal Properties andMorphology of Biodegradable PLA/Starch Compatibilized Blends", J. Ind. Eng. Chem., Vol. 13, No. 3, (2007) 457-464.
    • Narayan, Ramani, "Rationale, Drivers, Standards, and Technology for Biobased Materials"; Ch 1, pg3 in Renewable Resources and Renewable Energy, Ed. M. Graziani & P. Fornasiero; CRC Press, 2006.
    • Modifications of Soybean Oil Using Novel Ozone Based Chemistry , Daniel Graiver, Phuong Tran,Laura Patrick, Ken Farminer, and Ramani Narayan in "Degradable Polymers and Materials Principles and Practice," Kishan Khemani and Carmen Scholz, eds, ACS Symposium Ser (AnAmerican Chemical Society Publication) pg 232, 2006.
  • Selected Achievements and Awards
  • Withrow Distinguished Scholar Award 2005, State of Michigan, Governor's University Award for Commercialization Excellence, 2005, James Hammer Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award, 2006, Award of Excellence from ASTM committee, 2006