Faculty Profiles

Melissa Baumann
Associate Professor, Associate Dean Honors College
Research Interests
  • biomedical
  • ceramics
  • colloidal chemistry
  • materials
Research Biography
Processing/characterization of biomaterials for tissue engineering (bone, cartilage). Optimizing cell biomaterial interactions. Materials science: processing behavior of ceramics and ceramic composites, surface chemistry and colloidal chemistry.
Selected Publications
  • J. Kim, S.H.R. Davies, M.J. Baumann, V.V. Tarabara and S.J. Masten, "Effect of ozone dosage and hydrodynamic conditions on the permeate flux in a hybrid ozonation-ceramic ultrafiltration process treating natural water", accepted, J Membrane Sci, December 2007.
  • B.S. Karnik, S.H. Davies, M.J. Baumann and S.J. Masten, “Use of Salicylic Acid as a Model Compound to Investigate Hydroxyl Radical Reaction in Ozonation-Membrane Filtration Hybrid Process”, Environl Eng Sci, 24 (6) 852-860 (2007).
  • M.J. Baumann and E. D. Case, “Pores Needed for Biological Function Could Paradoxically Boost Fracture Energy in Bioceramic Bone Tissue Scaffolds”, 2007, in Developments in Porous, Biological and Geopolymer Ceramics, Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, 28 (9) Wiley InterScience, New York, pp 197 – 207.
  • B.S. Karnik, S.H. Davies, M.J. Baumann and S.J. Masten, “Removal of Escherichia coli after Treatment Using Ozonation-Ultrafiltration with Iron Oxide-Coated Membranes”, Ozone-Sci Eng, 29 (2) 75–84 (2007).
Selected Achievements and Awards
  • Empire Who’s Who of Women in Education, 2006
  • Michigan State University Alumni Club of Mid-Michigan Quality in Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2006
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, 2006