Ilsoon Lee

Ilsoon Lee
Associate Professor
Research Biography
Polymer surfaces and interfaces, molecular self-assembly, nanostructured biomimetic interfaces, biosensors, biomaterials, functional thin film, coatings, adsorption, adhesion and particles.
Selected Publications
    • Lee, I. "Patterned Multilayer Systems and Directed Self-assembly of Functional Nano-Bio Materials," in Multilayer Thin Films, 2nd Edition edited by Decher and Schlenoff, Wiley-VCH, (ISBN: 978-3-527-31648-9), Volume 2, 985-1001, (2012).
    • Ji, S.; Srivastava, D.; Parker, N. J.; Lee, I. "Transitional Behavior of Polymeric Hollow Microsphere Formation in Turbulent Shear Flow by Emulsion Diffusion Method," Polymer 53(1), 205-212, (2012). html
    • Mehrotra, S; Lynam, D.; Liu, C.; Lee, I.; Tuszynski, M.; Sakamoto, J.; Chan, C. "Time Controlled Release of Arabino-furanosylcytosine (Ara-C) from Agarose Hydrogels using Layer-By-Layer Assembly," Journal of Biomaterials Science: Polymer Edition 23, 439-463, (2012).
  • Selected Achievements and Awards
  • Excellence Award in Interdisciplinary Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, 2007, Outstanding Young Investigator Award, AIChE, 2006