Faculty Profiles

Jeff Sakamoto
Assistant Professor
Research Interests
  • biomedical
  • energy
  • materials
  • thermoelectric
Research Biography
Ultraporous inorganic and organic gels for energy and biomedicine- The Sakamoto group explores a wide range of research from fundamental materials discovery to devices to include: ceramic oxide electrolytes for solid state lithium batteries and semi fuel cells, high temperature thermal insulation and highly ordered and hierarchically ordered organic gels for nerve repair.
Selected Publications
  • J. Wolfenstine, J. L Allen, J. Read, J. Sakamoto and G. Gonalez-Doncel, 'Hot-pressed Li0.33La0.57TiO3', J. Power Sources, 195, Special Issue, 4124-4128 (2010).
  • R. Maloney and J. Sakamoto, 'Large deformation of chlorotrimethylsilane treated silica aerogels', J. Non Crystalline Solids, 357, 2059-2062 (2011).
  • J. Sakamoto1, H. Schock, T. Caillat, J. –P. Fleurial, R. Maloney, M. Lyle, T.Ruckle, E. Timm and L. Zhang, 'Skutterudite-based thermoelectric technology for waste heat recovery: Progress towards a 1kW generator', Science of Materials, in press.
  • S. Mehrotra, D. Lynam, R. Maloney, K. M. Pawelec, M. Tuszynski, I. Lee, C. Chan and J. Sakamoto, 'Time controlled protein release from layer-by-layer assembled multilayer functionalized agarose hydrogels', Adv. Funct. Mater, 20, 2, 247-258 (2010).
Selected Achievements and Awards
  • National Academies of Science, invitation to Kavli Frontiers of Science 2011
  • Withrow Teaching Award 2009