Martin Crimp

Martin Crimp
Research Interests
    materials, metal, microscopy, alloys
Research Biography
Deformation and fracture of metals, ordered intermetallic alloys, high temperature materials, transmission electron microscopy, diffraction studies using scanning electron microscopy.
Selected Publications
    • B.W. Jacobs, V.M. Ayres, R.E. Stallcup, A. Hartman, M.A. Tupta, A.D. Baczewski, M.A. Crimp, J.B. Halpern, M. He, and H.C. Shaw, "Electron Transport in Zinc-Blende Wurtzite Biphasic Gallium Nitride Nanowires and GaN FETs," Nanotechnology, 18 (2007) pp. 475710-475715.
    • N. Theodoropoulou, A. Sharma, T. Haillard, R. Loloee, W.P. Pratt, Jr., J. Bass, J. Zhang, and M.A. Crimp, "Specific Resistance, Scattering Asymmetry, and some Thermal Instability, of Co/Al, Fe/Al, and C091Fe9/Al Interfaces," IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 43 6 (2007) pp. 2860-2862.
    • K.M. Speer, P.G. Neuceck, M.A. Crimp, C. Burda, and P. Pirouz, "Possible Formation Mechanisms for Surface Defects Observed In Hetroepitaxially Grown 3C-SiC" Phys. Stat/. Sol. A, 204 7 (2007) pp. 2216-2221.
    • B.W. Jacobs, V.M. Ayres, M.P. Petkov, J.B. Halpern, M-Q. He, A. Baczewski, K. McElroy, M.A. Crimp, J. Zhang, and H.C. Shaw, "Electron and Structural Characteristics of Zinc-Blende Wurtzite Biphasic Homostructure GaN Nanowires," Nano Letters, 7 5 (2007) pp. 1435-1437.
  • Selected Achievements and Awards
  • Who's Who in Engineering Education, 2002