Martin Crimp

Martin Crimp
Research Biography
Deformation and fracture of metals, ordered intermetallic alloys, high temperature materials, transmission electron microscopy, diffraction studies using scanning electron microscopy.
Selected Publications
  • B.W. Jacobs, V.M. Ayres, R.E. Stallcup, A. Hartman, M.A. Tupta, A.D. Baczewski, M.A. Crimp, J.B. Halpern, M. He, and H.C. Shaw, "Electron Transport in Zinc-Blende Wurtzite Biphasic Gallium Nitride Nanowires and GaN FETs," Nanotechnology, 18 (2007) pp. 475710-475715.
  • N. Theodoropoulou, A. Sharma, T. Haillard, R. Loloee, W.P. Pratt, Jr., J. Bass, J. Zhang, and M.A. Crimp, "Specific Resistance, Scattering Asymmetry, and some Thermal Instability, of Co/Al, Fe/Al, and C091Fe9/Al Interfaces," IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 43 6 (2007) pp. 2860-2862.
  • K.M. Speer, P.G. Neuceck, M.A. Crimp, C. Burda, and P. Pirouz, "Possible Formation Mechanisms for Surface Defects Observed In Hetroepitaxially Grown 3C-SiC" Phys. Stat/. Sol. A, 204 7 (2007) pp. 2216-2221.
  • B.W. Jacobs, V.M. Ayres, M.P. Petkov, J.B. Halpern, M-Q. He, A. Baczewski, K. McElroy, M.A. Crimp, J. Zhang, and H.C. Shaw, "Electron and Structural Characteristics of Zinc-Blende Wurtzite Biphasic Homostructure GaN Nanowires," Nano Letters, 7 5 (2007) pp. 1435-1437.
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