Carl Boehlert

Carl Boehlert
Research Interests
    materials, metal, microscopy
Research Biography
Materials engineering; materials sciences; metallurgy; electron backscatter diffraction; intermetallics electron microscopy; metal matrix composites; titanium alloys and composites; mechanical behavior.
Selected Publications
    • C.J. Boehlert, Z. Chen, I. Gutiérrez-Urrutiad, J. Llorcab, M.T. Pérez-Prado, "In situ analysis of the tensile and tensile-creep deformation mechanisms in rolled AZ31," Science Direct Elsevier, Vol. 60, Issue 4, February 2012, Pages 1889-1904.
    • C.J. Boehlert, S. Tamirisakandala, W.C. Curtin, and D.B. Miracle, "Assessment of In Situ TiB Whisker Tensile Strength and Optimization ofTiB Reinforced Titanium Alloy Design," Scripta Materialia, 61 (2009) 245-248.
    • C.J. Boehlert and W. Chen, "The Elevated-Temperature Creep Behavior ofBoron-Modified Ti-6Al-4V(wt.%)," Materials Transactions, Vol. 50 No. 7(2009) 1690-1703.
    • C.J. Boehlert, S.C. Longanbach, and T.R. Bieler, "The effect of thermomechanical processing on the creep behavior of Udimet Alloy 188," Philosophical Magazine, Vol. 88 Issue 5 (2008) 641-664. (DOI:10.1080/14786430801944836)
    • C.J. Cowen and C.J. Boehlert, "Microstructure, Creep, and Tensile Behavior of a Ti-15Al-33Nb (at.%) Beta+Orthorhombic Alloy," Philosophical Magazine, vol. 86 issue 1 (2006) 99-124.
  • Selected Achievements and Awards
  • Academic Keys Who's Who in Engineering Education (WWEE), 2006, Who's Who of Emerging Leaders First Edition, 2007