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Polymer Composites Processing and Rheology

Professor Jayaraman's research group at Michigan State University is developing processing strategies, flow models and design tools for shaping polymeric materials into products for various industry sectors: automotive, energy and building or construction.  This research combines computational modeling, melt processing, and characterization with chemical, imaging, mechanical and rheological methods.  The focus is on rheology modification and microstructure development during melt processing and solid-state processing of polymer composites, nanocomposites, foams and thermoplastic elastomers.  This research has been applied to develop processing strategies for polymer composites, recycled polymers and polymer nanocomposites to make foam core panels, multilayer blown film, and light-weight panels for use in construction. 


Current Projects

Melt Rheology of Polyolefin-Clay Nanocomposites with Coupling Agents

Modeling Expanding Polyurethane Foam Flow in Vented Mold Cavities

Extrusion of Flexible and Rigid Thermoplastic Nanocomposite Foams 

Lightened and Highly Oriented Particulate Filled Polymers

PolymerComposites Processing and Rheology is a research group in the
Chemical Engineering & Materials Science Department at Michigan State University,
headed by Professor K. Jayaraman.