Curriculum & Degree Requirements

Chemical Engineering

In response to increasing interest in the application of chemical engineering principles to related fields, the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science offers concentrations in biochemical engineering, biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, food science, and polymer science and engineering to students wishing an area of specialization in the degree. Concentrations are available to, but not required of, any student enrolled in the Bachelor of Science degree program in chemical engineering.

These requirements are effective for students admitted to the Chemical Engineering major beginning Fall 2008. The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science constantly reviews program requirements and reserves the right to make changes as necessary. Consequently, each student is strongly encouraged to consult with his/her adviser to obtain assistance in planning an appropriate schedule of courses. Students who have questions about Chemical Engineering should contact the Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department Advising Office, 1410 Engineering Building, phone (517) 355-6616 extension 1. Some courses may have prerequisites, which are not otherwise required in the program. Students should check course descriptions to ensure they are aware of prerequisites.

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ChE Technical Electives

 Technical Electives: Students must complete at least six credits of technically oriented subject-related courses approved by his or her advisor. Acceptable subjects include, but are not limited to: composites processing or biochemical engineering, electronic materials, environment, advanced mathematics, transport phenomena, advanced chemistry, food, legal and regulatory issues, advanced materials, advanced biology, statistics, biomedical engineering, and polymers.

You may select two courses from one of the groups listed below or request approval from your advisor for an alternate set of courses. At least one course in the technical elective area must include 3 credits of engineering topics. Engineering topics courses include courses taught in the College of Engineering as well as some courses taught in advanced math, advanced chemistry, advanced biology, advanced statistics, and advanced physics. Engineering topics courses are denoted by superscript “e” in front of the course listing.

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Materials Science & Engineering

The Undergraduate Curriculum Requirement documents described below show the courses required for a B.S. degree. These documents also show how the courses can be arranged into a four-year period. The Materials Science and Engineering undergraduate curriculum was in a transition year during AY 2002-03 because the curriculum has changed. This rearrangement of course material resulted in fewer required courses, more free electives, and greater program flexibility.

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Questions regarding the changes in the MSE curriculum may be directed to Prof. Thomas R. Bieler,, (517) 353-9767.

MSE Technical Electives

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Override Form

For students who need to request an override to get into a course that is full, or for which they need special permission. For all courses with acronym CHE or MSE, use the 

Chemical Engineering and Material Science On-line Course Override Request (login required).