Awards and Scholarship Info

Student Awards

Each year a number of awards for academic excellence are earned by Chemical Engineering students. These are presented at the final Spring meeting of the Student Chapter of the AIChE. Among the awards are:


For academic excellence during a student's four years as an undergraduate in Chemical Engineering. Awarded to the top academic senior. M.H. Chetrick joined the MSU Chemical Engineering Department as Chairperson in 1962, moving from the Speed School of Engineering in Louisville, KY. Professor Chetrick was an avid swimmer, and he would swim daily at lunchtime. Professor Chetrick taught thermodynamics and kinetics. He took great interest in the standards for graduate research and participated in all of the graduate committees for the oral defenses for theses. He served as department chairperson until his untimely death in 1977.


First and second place awards for the best MSU individual and group solutions to the National AIChE Student Contest Problem. Presented by the Mid-Michigan Section of the AIChE.

Local winners are forwarded to the National AIChE Design competition. We are proud that MSU has the best record in the nation.


The MSU Chapter of OXE annually chooses one outstanding chemical engineer to receive the National Omega Chi Epsilon Award. This award goes to a Michigan State student who, chosen by the officers, demonstrates sustained activity within the society, excellence in academics and leadership, success against personal challenges, or any other traits that follow the core principles of the society.


Each year, Omega Chi Epsilon hosts the Junior Competitive Exam, a rigorous, three-hour test covering all of the Junior level chemical engineering courses taught at MSU (Fluids, Thermodynamics, Reactions, and Separations). The student with the highest score receives a $1000 scholarship, the second receives $500, and the third receives a $100 scholarship. 


The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science will acknowledge the chemical engineering sophmore with the highest grade point average entering spring semester. Awards will be given during the annual picnic in the spring.


AIChE Outstanding Sophomore Award presented by the National AIChE for the student with the highest GPA at the end of the Sophomore year. A subscription to the AIChE Journal or a Perry's Chemical Engineering Handbook and a certificate is included.


The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science will acknowledge the chemical engineering freshman with the highest grade point average entering spring semester. Awards will be given during the annual picnic in the spring.

Scholarship Information

Each year the College of Engineering makes scholarships available to students already enrolled. Scholarship applications are coordinated through the Undergraduate Studies Office.

Each year about 40 scholarships and grants-in-aid are awarded to Undergraduate Chemical Engineering and Materials Science majors through the College of Engineering Scholarship Committee. The funds for these grants are donated by individuals, industry, or other organizations. The awards totalled over $80,600 in 2012-13. A 2012-13 list of awards given through the department are summarized below:

Bishop Scholarship
Earl and Maru Bolle Memorial Scholarship
James Burnett Memorial Scholarship
Carl M. Cooper Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Clarence Dennis Scholarship
Ray Giffels Scholarship
M. G. & S. V. Larian Memorial Fund Scholarships
Bernard A. and Joan L. Paulson Scholarship
Raymond Scholarship
Lester and Mary Smith Legacy Scholarship*
Von Ehr Scholarship
College of Engineering Endowed and Undesignated Scholarships

Growing Scholarship Funds that are not yet awarded:

Chemical Engineering Faculty Distinguished Scholarship Fund (A30204) was started in 1998 by Chemical Engineering faculty contributors. The purpose of the fund is to "benefit worthy and capable students enrolled within the Department of Chemical Engineering in the College of Engineering at Michigan State University." This fund is being built to the endowment level.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Additionally, the Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE) has made the Student Guide to Federal Financial Aid Programs available on the Department of Education's Web Server. The Student Guide has been formatted for both graphical and text-based user interface. Students can browse the Guide using key words concerning Title IV information (e.g., Pell Grant, Work-Study, etc.).